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To be qualified to practice nursing in the United States there are several qualifications that must be met prior to beginning the Immigration Process. Bonacare is dedicated to working with our candidates to ensure that all certifications are achieved. To be eligible to work in the United States you must:


Pass the NCLEX-RN certification test or have the CGFNS certificate

Be licensed by the specific American state you will be working in

Validate your certifications and education with the International Commission on Health Care Professionals

Pass English language tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

Depending on the method of entry into the United States and your particular requirements, there may be additional requirements to demonstrate language proficiency.




BSN Holders


If you have a BSN or an equivalent degree, and is able to work in hospitals during OPT, there may be additional opportunities for you to work in the United States. Please contact a Bonacare representative for more information.




Specialty Nurses


While virtually every area in the United States is currently experiencing a nursing shortage, nurses with specialties in the following areas are in even higher demand:


- Adult Critical Care RN

- Neonatal Critical Care RN

- Operating Room/Surgical Care RN

- Radiology RN

- Emergency Room RN









Legal Process

Types of Visas


There are several types of Visas that allow entry for work into the United States. Many recruiting and placement companies only offer one avenue of entry into the United States. However, at Bonacare, we help nurses to get a Permanent Residency (Green Card) to work in the States.


Permanent Residency (Green Card): With visa type E3, healthcare professionals can get a Green Card to work in US. Nurses are pre-qualified under existing United States labor laws to immigrate to work in the health care industry. The process for obtaining a green card can take several years. However, the expert representation Bonacare has retained, as well as the processes we put into place, will expedite this procedure for our clients.


For more information:



Application Process


The immigration process is very complex and can be time consuming. At Bonacare we recognize our Candidates are professionals that need to be focused on caring for patients, not filling out excess forms and papers. Our process is designed to make the immigration process as smooth as possible.


We are committed to informing you of the immigration process, ensuring all documents are completed correctly, and communicating with you constantly on the status of your application. The application process is a very individual matter requiring unique attention to your needs and qualifications. When you meet with a Bonacare staff member they will assess your situation and detail the best process for you.

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